What can make you be better and happier when selling used panties?

June 28, 2017 | By author | Filed in: Used Panties.

To sell used panties is a tricky hobby in which you should pay attention to both, your feelings and the feelings of the buyers. It’s a highly sexual and intimate activity that sometimes relates to personal issues. Having this in mind you can use it for your advantage to know how to cope with difficult situations and to think in some ways to make the hobby even more fun and exciting.

Just consider the following ideas that we are going to present you and have fun putting them in practice in your used panties business.

Talk about intimate stuff
The more you chat about intimate themes, the better the connection that you can establish with your buyers. It’s going to inspire you to chat more often and really open up about some interesting themes for you and your clients. Men like when women share about their intimate stuff, therefore there’s nothing you should worry about. Moreover, they are going to excite themselves to message you some of their naughtiest secrets. That’s how every used panties seller can put the start of a loyal friendship online and have more intrigued fans of her, that are always going to take interest in her services.

Portrait of a beautiful young woman lying in black lingerie on bed

Pose in a more natural way
When you take some sexy lingerie photos, feel free to do it in a more natural way. This means that you can omit putting on some make up, doing your hair and posing in a perfect way. Rather think about the photo shooting process like an activity in which you should feel careless and have great fun. That is going to make your sexy photos look more captivating and impressive to the used panties buyers. Men like natural women with messy hair wearing just a piece of erotic underwear. It is going to save you a lot of time, teach you how to enjoy life in the moment and increase your sales.

Find out about the others
Communication with the used panties buyers is not solely for the purpose of negotiating the formal details around the offers. It’s good to use it to discover more about your used panties clients as people, what motivates them in life and excites them to be online in the community. That way you’re going to know how to promote your lingerie better and offer them the right garments. It’s a technique that is going to give you information about the way they like to be treated in messages. Chatting with them have some fun and find out some new things about them. It’s a very curious and useful side of the used panties chats.

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