Questions you need to ask in order to know your used panties buyers better

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If you want to be more prosperous while selling used panties you certainly need to know your clients better. Asking them some everyday and intimate questions, you can have a better view on the things they expect to receive in their online experience. It’s going to help you to orientate yourself better and offer them more appropriate used lingerie items.

What type of films does he fancy?
The type of movies that someone likes reflects the way he thinks about reality and how he enjoys life. The films stimulate the imagination significantly and are the best projection of the way a mind of an individual works. Having received a few examples of erotic or normal movies from your used panties clients, you can know better how to please him in chatting, fantasising and the types of panties you should offer him. A movie very easily shows the type of a personality a used panties buyer has.

When did he discovered his fetish?
The moment and time of discovering his fetish matter in order for you to know how experienced and advanced he is in the sphere. If he has been having the fetish for long time, you should be more careful with your used panties suggestions you make him. Also, the exact moment and memories of discovering the sexy fetish can show you the intimate side of the fetish and with what he associates it. Making him tell you the entire story you’re going to discover his intimate self and also make him feel closer to you.
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What is his biggest sexual dream?
The fantasies and sexual objectives of the used panties buyers can make you think about the way you can satisfy them and make them be realised through the use of lingerie. The aims of a buyer can be sexual and non sexual, it doesn’t matter since they reveal his inner struggles and desires for improvement. This is going to define your entire behaviour, responses and lingerie designs that you offer to your used panties client.

Interrogating the clients is always beneficial and gives you important information that you can use when you negotiate. When you know your used panties buyers’ thoughts, experiences and wants, you can better connect with them and offer them the right articles.

Keep yourself curious and active with your questions, and very soon you’re going to improve your success in the used panties sales.

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