Texting ideas for your used panties chats

April 12, 2017 | By author | Filed in: Used Panties.

It’s really important to be good at naughty texting if you want to be a prosperous used panties seller.

It could be difficult to be always unique and unpredictable, especially when you’ve been chatting for a while. However, having experience and starting to wonder about new strategies is the moment when you really start to develop your chatting skills and improve your promoting techniques. Let’s have a look at some simple and interesting ways you can continue chatting with your used panties buyers and develop your skills rapidly.

Sharing your weirdest sexual experience
In the used panties community there’s nobody you can fear since the people are open to discuss even the dirtiest stuff without judging themselves. When you don’t have any naughty ideas but still want to chat about something interesting with the used panties buyers, simply think about your past sexual experiences. Selecting the naughtiest, strangest and most untypical sexual encounters that you’ve got or interesting details about your sexual history, you can attract the attention of the clients. They’re going to be full of curiosity to know everything about the adventurous stories of a sexy used panties seller.

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Discussing your lingerie favourites
An easy theme to discuss in chat that can be quite helpful and fun is to talk about your lingerie favourites. Telling the buyer about what you like the most about female lingerie, which are your favourite parts and accessories, you provoke him to tell about his lingerie preferences as well. This is very useful information that you can use when you need to offer him used panties and match the offer with his taste. The faster that you match with his expectations, the more smoothly the negotiation is going to be completed and the used panties client is going to be quite impressed with your skill to satisfy his needs.

Challenging each other in sexy games
You can entertain the used panties clients significantly when you start challenging each other in naughty terms. Sending semi nude photos and escalating the dirty messaging is one way to use this technique. You can even use videos to perform and complete the daring tasks that the client gives you. Being as provocative as the used panties buyer is important in order for the game to be just and funny. Enjoy playing some interesting naughty games and increased the desires of the clients easily, with this simple concept.

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